Price of Eggs Drop in Wa

Price of Eggs have Dropped in Wa

The Price of Eggs have dropped significantly back to their usual prices after some weeks of hikes in the Prices.

The cost of a crate was purged at Ghc25 which pushed the cost of fried eggs up by 50%. A fried egg was Ghc1 but shot up to Ghc1.50 due to the increase in prices as a result of shortage and increase in price of life stock feed.

The prices have since reduced to Ghc18, Ghc19 and Ghc20 yet prices at the consumption points have still held same.

A shop in Kambali by Name ‘God is With a Patient Muslim Ent.’ has its prices purged at Ghc20 and foresees further reduction as at 3rd of March 2021.

Some consuming centers in Kambali close to Mangu Junction have since reduced their prices to Ghc1 per egg after frying.

Inflation has been the problem of Upper West since 2004, prices have never gone down once they go up. Sachet water was increased to Ghc0.20 from Ghc0.10 in 2014 with a bag being sold at Ghc3.50p, in Tamale, a sachet is still sold at Ghc0.10. Meanwhile, there were attempts to increase the price of sachet water from Ghc0.20 in Wa to Ghc0.30 but due to the intervention of a Production company called 99Ice, the plan couldn’t hold.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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