Police Go Wild on Parents in Upper West

Upper West Police

The Upper West regional Police Command has issued a warning to parents in an official communique, asking them to desist from sending children on errands during odd hours.

The command added that some parents have neglected their responsibilities and parental duties and by their statement, such parents will be taken through the laws.


“The attention of the Upper West Regional Police Command has been drawn to some parents or guardians abandoning their parental duties by sending their under-aged children to various places at odd hours, which leave them vulnerable.

Since fighting crime is a shared responsibility, the Command is seeking

the indulgence of parents and guidance to be aware of the Modus

Operandi of some miscreants to abduct these children at the least opportunity.

The Command is also aware of parents who allow their children to ride bicycles recklessly in town, especially in the night. Such parents are strongly advised to control and monitor their wards to averse such unforeseen mishaps.

The Command is hereby issuing a strong warning to negligent parents or

guardians to desist from such acts, forthwith.

The general public is requested to report any such parental negligence to

the Police for a quick redress.”

Source: Opera News Ghana

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