Leadership of Upper West tailors association refutes allegation about ‘forced’ COVID-19 vaccination


The leadership of the Upper West branch of the Ghana National Tailors and Hairdressers Association (GNTDA) has refuted rumors that the association is demanding apprentices who are due for graduation to take the covid-19 jab as a pre-requisite for graduation.

Speaking on Info Radio’s late afternoon show, Te Zine Yiri Yela, Mr Abdul Moomin Saeed, the Regional Chairman of the Association denied the allegation.

According to the head of the association, the number of graduands from the various zones was huge, and against the president’s COVID-19 directive prohibiting public gatherings of more than twenty-five participants.

He explained that the notion has been misconstrued and urged the public to this regard any such speculations.

Explaining further on the allegation, Mr. Saeed, narrated that the ambitious apprentices who are due for graduation, were the source of this wrong information.

According to him, the leadership of the association met with the police command to seek permission but police instructed them to exercise patience for the region to be vaccinated before any huge gathering could be granted.
Mr. Saeed indicated that he had a meeting with the apprentices to make things clear to them.
While appealing to public to authenticate their source of information, Mr. Saeed also appealed to parents, guardians of apprentices and the general public to treat the assertion with the contempt it deserves.
Source: Info Radio

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