We shall not recognize UCC 3-Sem Certificates – U/W GES


The Ghana Education Service (GES) Upper West Regional Directorate has indicated that the GES shall not recognize certificates of Newly Trained Teachers who are currently undertaking their 3-semester sandwich program being organized by the University of Cape Coast.

Reports gathered by EducationGhana’s ElluisFerdiand indicates that newly posted teacher in Yagha under Jirapa municipal are being denied taking part in the program.


According to reports, some newly posted teachers who had their admission last year to offer the UCC three-semester degree top-up for an easy upgrade after completion of the program are being denied permission by their municipality.

Some teachers who wrote their permission letters and with attached recovery letters from their heads have been denied approval by their School Improvement Support Officers(SISOs) formerly Circuit Supervisors (CSs) and subsequent disapproval by their municipality.

GES rules

According to the teachers, the SISOs said they wouldn’t write because of the rules in GES which stipulates that every teacher is supposed to teach for a number of years before pursuing a course.

Recognition of Certificate

The teachers lamented that the District Human Resource Manager confirmed that the UCC 3 Semester Sandwich certificate shall not be recognized by the Ghana EducationnService (GES) after completion for newly trained teachers.

”He directed me to the District Human Resource (HR) and he said the same thing. He also added that my certificate would not be recognized” a teacher lamented.

”I carried the same complaint to the regional education office and I was told the same thing that my certificate will not be recognized even if I complete and graduate successfully.” The teacher indicated.

Call on UCC

The teacher said they have written officially to the University of Cape Coast to enlighten them on the category of applicants qualified for their 3-Semester Sandwich programme.

”To make issues clearer, I wrote a letter to the Institute of Education- UCC for them to make known whether our batch of teachers are qualified or not.” They said.

Source: Educationghana.org

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