Tricycle operators in Wa increase fare

File Photo

Tricycles operators popularly called ‘Mahama Can Do’ in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region have increased transport fares following the upward adjustment of prices of petroleum products.

Speaking on Reporter’s Visit show on A1 Radio Upper West correspondent, Dennis Bebane said most of the Can do operators have increased their fare to almost 50% of the amount they were charging.

The chairman of the Wa ‘Can Do’ station operators said the increase was necessitated because of the current increase in fuel prices.

He added that without an increase in fares, they will not be able to even cover the cost of fuel that they procured to do business so it was imperative to increase the fare to correspond with the current economic situation.

Mr Sunday a ‘Can Do’ operator said they are aware that some of their customers will protest the increase in transportation fare, they will try as much as possible to explain to them as the increase is in the interest of all parties.

Source: Bebane Dennis/A1 Radio

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