Jirapa: Youth Reshaping Roads without Assembly Support

Some Youth of Jirapa working on faulty Roads

Some Youth of Jirapa Municipality in the Upper West Region have stormed town roads to work on them after months of demands made to the Jirapa Municipal Assembly.

Some Residents Suggested that the Nature of their roads were deplorable and as a result led to road accidents which brought health hazards to some road users.

In some statement from a resident

Mr. Dakurah

“The Discerners were at site today. We could not achieve 100% of our objective of the day, ie filling all potholes on our main road between Baazu and Dapuori. But it is refreshing to categorically state that about 98% of the potholes on that stretch of road have been filled permanently. As discerning as we are, we believe that the practice of maintenance culture on our major roads can reduce if not eliminate the occurrence of some avoidable accidents that have resulted in injuries or lose of lives of the victims. For all those who have always encouraged us not to relent in our efforts to make our roads pothole-free, we say thank you and God bless you. Together we can make society a better place to be.”.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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