Sissala Roads: Our Achievements in Agric are Obvious – Chief of Buwah

The Paramountcy of Buwah has frowned at Neglect of Sissala Roads

The Paramount chief of Buwah in the Sissala Traditional Area has stated categorically that the Achievements of Sissala people in Agriculture cant be underestimated.

He continued that the neglect of Sissala Land in the Allocation of farm roads contracts is unfortunate.

Tumu, the oldest political administrative and traditional capital of the Sissala Area ( Sissala West and East, parts of Lambussie and Wa East Districts) was on Monday May 24, 2021 thronged by residents from all spheres of life from the area; young and old, male and female, able and physically challenged and in whole, chiefs and their subjects numbering thousands to register their displeasure and concerns against the treatment meted to it (Sissala Area) over the sharing of development projects and benefits in the Upper West Region.

The main crux of the day’s agenda was preceded by

a long procession or float with mobile music by the youth through the principal streets of town with placards, some reading: This discrimination had gone on since the creation of the Upper West Region, is it a crime to come from any of the Sissala Districts ? After all what we did for the Planting for Food and Jobs, discrimination is our pay? Dr. Gyiele bring back our roads, when polyclinics were allocated, we were denied, we need our share of the roads, we are giving the president two weeks to act or the worse would happen, these among several other captions were what the demonstrators displayed to the final congregation point, the forecourt of the Tumu Community Centre before the traditional overlords (Chiefs/Kuoros) and were addressed together with the media, and a petition which was addressed to the Roads and Highways Ministry and copied to other relevant authorities touching the matter in issue of the exclusion of the area as described earlier in the European Union € 35 Million Grant Funded Selected Feeder and Farm Access Roads (670.10 Kms) in the Upper West Region of Ghana” read out by Kouro Ninia Sumani Sunkosu Abu Diaka V, Paramount Chief of the Buwah Traditional Area on behalf of his colleague chiefs and their subjects so as for it to be covered by the media for purposes of onward transmission to the general public, the world and more importantly those duty bears who are incharge of the national cake to expeditiously respond to their concerns before they roll-out their next line of action which they were tight lip to when the media quizzed.

Some of the demands of the petition included:

1. Publication of the selection criteria, which formed the basis for inclusion or exclusion

2. Reprioritization and selection of the farm access roads be done, based on production levels and severity of needs. This demand is grounded on principle of fairness, social justice and non-discrimination, which are the cardinal principles of Ghana’s constitution and values shared by the EU, else, the Ministry of Roads and Highways should immediately find additional resources to create, rehabilitate and maintain the deplorable farm access roads in the four excluded farming districts under the EU funded project in the Upper West Region.

This collective people’s action approach to demand their due of socio-economic development in the region and for that matter, the country as a people is necessary now and after, because of the experience and treatment meted to the area by various governments and their regimes since 1970s, the chief added. He also cited the current moriborne Cotton Ginnery in Tumu which the people produced huge tones of Cotton to sustain thereby largely contributing to the nation’s GDP and yet, it got grounded without them getting its associated benefits not even good roads to support this factory. He also ceased the opportunity of the day to remind the current government to make good it’s promise of revamping the Tumu Cotton Ginnery/Factory.

The government was given a two week Ultimatum to respond to their demands in order to forestall their next line of action.


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