Cost of Bread to Shoot Up in Parts of Upper West


The Cost of Bread According the The Upper West Regional Bread Bakers Association will be increased beginning 1st June 2021.

The Bread bakers Association sighted hikes in prices of goods and services as the reason behind the impending increment, they stated that transporting bread requires the use of fuel, the price of fuel has increased, they added that cost of bread floor has been increased.



The Bread Bakers Association, Upper West Region wishes to announce to the general public on the new prices of bread. It is not our pleasure to Increase prices but the current circumstance has compelled such decision.

Guarantee you with improved quality bread that you have always enjoyed.

From 1st June, 2021 the following prices will take effect.

Tea Bread


GHC2.00. GHC 3.00

Butter bread

GHC 3.00. GHC 4.00.

GHC 5.00. GHC 6.00p

GHC 6.00. GHC 7.00

GHC 7.00. GHC 8.00

We thank you for your support!

Many have Described the Association as Fake group seeking to achieve a selfish Aim.


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