Don’t Confuse Development with Politics – Sissala Youth President

President of Sissala Youth,  Mr. Yussif Napuna

The president of Sissala Youth,  Mr Yussif Napuna has urged Sissala’s not to confuse politics with development as the two work to complement each other.

Mr Yussif Napuna was speaking on RadfordFM Monday afternoon regarding the recently held press conference on the removal of the four Sissala speaking districts from the portion on the 670 kM roads European Union funded projects.

Mr Yussif added that after the press conference a meeting of the regional Minister Dr Hafiz Bin Salih,MP for Sissala East Hon Chinnia Amidu Issahaku was held on the 26 May 2021with the roads minister with regards to the concerns.

Subsequently,a second meeting of the petitioners and the regional Minister was held in wa on the 28 May 2021towards addressing the impasse.

The Youth President disclosed that a meeting has been arranged to meet the Vice President, the European Union on 2nd June 20 in Accra on finding a way out.

It was at this point the Youth President admonished his kinsmen to wedge together and avoid divisive tendencies that has kept them disunited in the past to today.

Those of you in the political parties must be there to bring development to the people but when we all come together to pursue a common course let’s not allow our political differences to divide us.Mr Yussuf Napuna appreciated the work of the media,the Chiefs and the political parties for supporting the advocacy.

Source: Radford FM/Tumu

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