Agric Minister Assures Sissala Chiefs, MPs he will Re-award EU Road Contracts

Sissala Traditional Leaders and MPs at Agric Ministry

The Minister for Food and Agriculture,  Dr. Owusu Akoto has assured Chiefs of Sissala Traditional Area of his readiness to re-award the 35 Million Euro Road Contracts to benefit all affected farming communities including Wa East,  Sissala East and Sissala West.

The Member of Parliament for Sissala West,  Mr. Mohammed Sukparu has since expressed his perception on the development.

“Following our registered displeasure of the exclusion of Sissala East, Sissala West and Wa East Districts from the European Union-funded feeder road projects in the Upper West Region and a call on key stakeholders of the all-important road project to immediately consider the Sissala districts, fruitful discussions have taken place with all parties.

Myself and MP colleagues, Hon. Amidu Chinnia MP for Sissala East, Hon. Godfred Seidu Jasaw MP for Wa East through a bipartisan and collective effort worked in the interest of our people. We led the delegation from the three Districts to a deliberation with the Roads and Highways Minister and Agric Minister.

The traditional leaders led by the Zini Kuoru, Kuoru Abu Diyaka Sukebe Ninia V, the paramount Chief of Zini Traditional area and Kuoru Osman Deiwia Kpunia Nankpa III, Paramount Chief of Gandawi traditional area were significant in the deliberation. The youth were also represented by the hard-working Sissala Youth President Yusif Napuna and his able Secretary. Not forgetting Yussif Kanton who has always stood by the people to ensure that we get the needed development.

Both the Roads and Highways Minister and Agric Minister apologized for such a wrongful exclusion of the Sissala Districts from the EU-funded road projects, acknowledged our significant contribution to the country’s food basket and assured variations would be made to include the three Districts in such an all-important road project.

Special thank you to all key individuals and bodies who have played a role to make this possible.

I remain committed to working with all irrespective of political differences and acting in the interest of the people of Sissala West and Ghana at large.”


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