Broke Guys Deserve No Sex – Nuntaa Ella

Nuntaa Ella is A Model in Upper West Region

A Fashion Designer and Model within the Spheres of the Upper West Entertainment Industry,  Nuntaa Ella has stated that Guys with no cash have no reason to demand for Sex.

In her statement it explained:

“Stop having sex with broke guys, let them go and hustle.

Several followers of hers  have reacted to the Development,

Abdul Sadat

“Dey there..hihi… Responsible ladies now pay us for sex, if u don’t start working hard to pay us to satisfy u… Na cucumber you go use… Haha”

Nawhizor Senegal

“Are you telling me
Broke guys don’t deserve pussy”

Booshia Richard

“We sef wanna stop having sex with girls dat cannot washed their pants well what do u think of dat 🤫🤫🤐🤐🤐”

Bigguy Ali Camarah

“Broke girls also stop having sex withy us and look for jobs than collecting our money”


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