Wa Central MP Replies Critics After Reactions to his Begging Claims

Former Minister for Public Private Partnership, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo

The Wa Central MP,  Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo has replied critics condemning his previous post as a mark incompetence.

The Lawmaker called for a change in politics from begging to survive to being innovative. He sighted instances where people queued at his premises regularly to beg for money.

He referred to comments following his previous statements as unfortunate.


“Sometimes it’s good to bring out something universally a concern and watch how much people can be hypocritical about what is common knowledge and concern. I heard a woman politician crying foul of how in her company everyone has become poor and needing help. She refused to take anymore calls in protest of high demands on her. I took her unspoken voice and a feeling of my own pain that these demands come and that I’m not being able to satisfy many, to call for a more radical policy by government to put people on jobs rather than getting people asking for politicians to finance their personal demands. Why not? We do help people everyday in various ways on those lines. But what’s important must be to help them to be able to help themselves . We need to give our people dignity and respect by helping them get jobs so they don’t go to rich people or politicians to ask for support.
In Wa it was a common practice during the last election. A particular politician gave out so much vote-inducing gifts. These were in the form of sewing machines, hair dressing equipment, rice, tricycles, money etc seeking to offset her huge popularity deficit. Of course it’s normal practice everywhere in Ghana. The hypocrisy is when politician who does so now pretends it was someone else. We indeed have to change our politics and empower our people to be independent and find objective politicians who will admit failure and work for the people. I think every politician and every objective mind seeking the interest of people wil support this view shifting attention to empower the people and not corrupt the people into helplessness”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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