Stop Spewing “Chaff” About Bloggers – Ernest Tara Descends on Nuntaa Ella

Appiah Ernest Tara(Left) Referred to Nuntaa’s Definition of Bloggers as Myopic

UWeCA personality of the year,  Mr. Appiah Ernest Tara who doubles as Entertainment Pundit for Puopeli FM has reacted to a statement from  a model by name Nuntaa Ella referring to 90% of Bloggers as Fake.

In the statement reacting to the Comment of the Model and Fashion Designer, Ernest Tara Referred to the statement of the model as below the belt

Ernest Taara’s Statement

This is unfortunate to have come from a model of your Calibre.

I’ve always liked you and I do know you are undoubtedly a humble Young lady full of humor but earnestly speaking,you have used the wrong words and tone.

How many bloggers have you worked with?
How many bloggers do you know?
Well let’s take it that it’s just a blogger you accessed and that in rare sense Should not be generalized.

I really don’t want to believe you are seeking attention but what you said warrants an apology. So do the needful and pool down this to protect your integrity.

You will work with some of these bloggers in Future.My little advice.”

Nuntaa Ella However,  reacted to the Statement of Ernest Tara.

Nuntaa’s Reaction

“Shine Ernesto Tara My post was not a general one
So I see nothing wrong with it
And you spoke of attention,I don’t need attention besides I already have that
A number of bloggers did what wasn’t right and hence my post so please get that”.



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