Upper West Minister Donates to Division 2 Football Club

Upper West Minister, Dr. Bin Salih Donates to Division 2 Football Club

Earlier this morning, the Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, met owners and managers of division two(2) football clubs in the region at the Regional Coordinating Council for a brief interaction and to also make a donation to them. The items donated were sets of Jerseys and footballs.
Donating the items on behalf of the Regional Coordinating Council, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih noted that, as a young man who is an ardent lover of football, it is incumbent on him as a regional minister to ensure the growth and development of football in the region he presides over and hence, the reason for inviting the club owners and managers to have a first hand information about how they are faring ; their challenges and a possible way forward. He bemoaned the fact that, apart from Upper West Heroes and Wa All Stars that once upon a time represented the region in the Ghana Premier League, currently, the region has no representation in the league which is a great source of worry for every football loving person in the region.
He therefore appealed and called for a strategic all hands on deck approach to help unearth and develop the football potentials in the region.
Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih also ceased that opportunity to brief the team owners and managers about the progress of work on the new Youth Resource Center under construction within the Wa municipality. He noted that, the first phase of the project is almost complete and the second phase, which includes the fence wall and other security installations will commence in earnest, adding that, the general public should be rest assured that , the multi- million facility when completed shall be put to judicious use which will inure to the benefit of the citizens. Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih also talked about the deplorable state of the Wa sports stadium, Tumu and the Lawra sports stadia. He however, indicated that, he had spoken with the current Minister of Youth and sports about the three stadia and by July this year, the Minister shall be touring the region on a working visit and as such he will visit the stadia in question and ensure that they get the needed rehabilitation.
He ended his submission by pledging an amount 5000.00 Ghana cedis to the team that will win the division two league, 3000.00 Ghana cedis to the second team and 2000.00 Ghana cedis to the team that will emerge third. He also urged the team owners and managers to try as much as possible to encourage the youth to develop much interest in football as it has the propensity of becoming a source of livelihood for them and their families in future , but he was quick to add that, it requires high level of discipline for one to be able to become a successful footballer and as such the need for the youth to always be disciplined at all material moments.

Source: Bipuah Mohammed

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