Our country is Safe; UWR Minister assure residents along border towns

Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih the upper west regional minister has assured communities lying along the border towns to feel safe as the security is on red alert.
The minister granted a special interview to the RadfordFM in Tumu following a Police intelligence report that said some bandits from Burkinafaso were planning to attack some parts of the country.
“We also picked intelligence that some bandits were planning to attack us but the security operative has been on red alert manning the borders and the combined security have assured that our country is safe and the presence of the military has prevented any serious infiltration and security is not under any serious threat, our country is safe “and praised the Security for doing a yeoman job.
“As of now, the minister assured the people of Sissala East and West that who are bordering Burkinafaso that “I can assure you that we are safe and the country is not in any form of danger”
He appealed that “We need the cooperation of the communities lying in the fringes of the border, that if they see any suspicious character they should inform the Police and the assembly member intend to inform the security and advised that movements along with communities on the borders should be restricted”
Dr Bin Salih added that “I have made a proposal that beyond a certain time period, people should not congregate, like churches and mosque, we should screen them before allowing people in, and all suspicious persons should be driven away” The terrorist always don’t aim at a single person but want to target places that have a lot of people.
On the recent demonstration by the Chiefs and Youth of the Sissala people who complain about their exclusion from some 570 kilometer European Union feeder roads project, the minister explained that;
“I want to assure the people of these areas that definitely they will get their share of the feeder roads and even more, I am in a conversation with the minister I keep impressing upon him to respond very fast to the demands of the people. The minister told me he has directed the feeder roads to pay attention to those areas”
There are better days for Sissala East, West, and the Wa East, not under my watch would any district be denied of development, the minister assured.

Source: RadfordFM

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