Upper West Has More than 4 Lawyers – Lawyer Eledi

Lawyer Eledi is Practicing Lawyer in Upper West Region

One of Upper West’s practicing lawyers, Lawyer Clement Eledi has reacted to a statistical graphic image suggesting Upper West Region has the least number of Practicing lawyers in Ghana.

According to the graphical Image, Upper West Region has 4 Lawyers.


Upper East Region – 14

Northern Region, North East, Savannah – 21

Ashanti Region – 306

Western Region – 64

Bono, Bono East, Ahafo – 52

Eastern Region – 42

No Affiliation – 118

Volta, Oti – 17

Central Region – 45

Greater Accra Region – 2, 530

According to the Practicing Lawyer, he stated that the Region has more than 4 Lawyers.


“That there are 4 licensed lawyers does not mean there are only four lawyers practicing in Wa. As President of the Regional Bar I can state authoritatively that there are more than four lawyers resident and practicing in Upper West. The number is low because some resident lawyers applied and obtained their licences from other regions. For instance one of the resident lawyers in the region belongs to Gbewaa Chambers in Northern Region so he will be counted among lawyers in Northern Region. Besides there is no restriction on where lawyers can practice in Ghana. Depending on the economic circumstances of a client he/she can hire the services of a lawyer from any part of Ghana.And as a matter of fact lawyers from other regions do practice in Upper West. But the low numbers is also a reflection of our economic situation in the region which makes practice in the region not lucrative. But those with good memories will remember that till the late 80s when Ken Dzirasah came to upper west there was not a single respect sent lawyer in Upper West. As our economic circumstances improve more Lawyers will be attracted to come and reside and practice in the Region. Can you imagine that recently a client wanted to borrow money from me to file a process I had prepared for him?But Rome was not built in a day. In the not too distant future the numbers of lawyers who take licenses from Upper West will the increase.”

Some Notable Lawyers from Upper West Region.

1. Lawyer Charles Puozuing

2. Lawyer Clement Eledi

3. Lawyer Alban Bagbin

4. Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakuur

5. Lawyer Lwanga Bagonluuri

6. Lawyer Ubeidu

7.Lawyer Benjamin Kumbour

8. Lawyer Bede A. Ziedeng

9. Lawyer Thadeus Sori of Sori@Law

10. Justice Yonny Kulendi

Source: Opera News Ghana

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