NYA, Plan International launches “Music 4 Change” concept in Wa

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The National Youth Authority (NYA) in partnership with Plan International Ghana has launched the concept of “Music 4 Change” to promote the rights of the girl child in the Upper West Region.

The “M4C” launch unveiled 10 gender transformational songs composed in the local dialects by young musicians in the region.

Speaking at the launch on Thursday June 24, 2021, the Upper West Regional Director of the National Youth Authority, Archibald Donkor Jnr, said the girl child is eminently seen as a future mother and highly cherished in the society, adding that the education of the girl child can transform nations.
He however, noted that the Upper West Regions harbors some of the negative cultural practices that hinders the smooth growth and development of the girl child.
He affirmed that it was now time for the region to rise up from its slumber to ensure that such negative practices and barriers are removed.
Mr Donkor said society has enormous passion for music and that music has the potential to effect change that would positively impact the life of the girl child.

He expressed appreciation to Plan International for partnering and supporting the concept of “Music 4 Change”.

He said it is worthy cause and charged participants to support the concept for the benefit of society.
Mr Eric Ayaba, Programs Unit Manager for Plan International Ghana, on his part, said his outfit was happy to have been part of the “M4C” concept of using music to change attitudes, beliefs and discriminations against child and youth.
He added that the change envisaged by the concept would provide a descent environment for the girl child to development and contribute to society.

Mr Ayaba affirmed that music has become an indispensable element of society that moves people mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and, thus can change perceptions about the girl child and young women for the better.

The concept launch was participated by various institutions and agencies including youth-led organizations and students.
Source: Info Radio

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