15 Benefits of Studying Sissali in the University

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The Sisaali language has just been introduced as one of the Ghanaian languages to be studied at the tertiary level of education in Ghana. The study of Sisaali at the university presents boundless opportunities to prospective students of the language. Here are 15 juicy opportunities waiting for graduands of Sisaali language:

1. Become a Sisaali language consultant. The acquisition of sufficient language proficiency skills through the Sisaali language programme at the university equips you with the basic technical skills to become a consultant in Sisaali language. As we speak there are no degree holders in the Sisaali language. What this means is that anyone who studies and acquires a degree in Sisaali would have the requisite skills to become a highly sought-after consultant in the Sisaali language.

2. Become a writer. Studying Sisaali at the university will equip you with the requisite language proficiency skills to be able to write books, scripts for films, articles, poems and book reviews in Sisaali. As a newly introduced language at the tertiary level, the first decade of the Sisaali language programme is expected to produce graduates who will write books, articles, poems and other scholarly materials for future students of the language. Endless opportunities abound in this area for all prospective students of the Sisaali language. Let’s remember that the study of the Sisaali language is virgin territory in Ghana.

There are currently very, very few writers in Sisaali. A generation of writers in Sisaali are urgently needed to write textbooks, thematic books, story books, articles and poems in Sisaali. The financial rewards associated with writing are boundless.

3. Become a professional translator and/ or transcriber. Many NGOs and government agencies look for persons with the requisite language proficiency skills to translate or transcribe documents for official use. The study of Sisaali presents a golden opportunity to prospective students in this area.

4. Become a Sisaali language Instructor/Tutor/Professor. The study of Sisaali at the university would afford graduates the opportunity to develop rewarding careers in the field of language instruction, teaching, tutoring and coaching. At the tertiary level, opportunities await prospective students to take up lecturing and thesis supervision jobs.

5. Become an examiner. As Sisaali language will become examinable at various levels of Ghana’s educational system, Sisaali language examiners will be in high demand. The few who will study Sisaali at the university would frequently be called upon to mark the scripts of exams candidates.

6. Become a broadcast journalist. An amazing career awaits graduates of Sisaali in the field of broadcast journalism. With the proliferation of electronic media companies in Ghana, more and more of such media companies are turning to persons with the requisite local language proficiency skills to produce and present local news and other broadcast programmes for their target audience. Prospective students of Sisaali would certainly enjoy rewarding careers in broadcast journalism in the near future.

7. Become an interpreter/Programme Officer. Interpreters with high local language proficiency skills are highly sought after by the judicial service of Ghana and other MMDAs such as Non-Formal Education Division [Complementary Education Agency], NCCE and Information Services Department. Prospective students who wish to develop fulfilling careers in this area are highly encouraged to apply and study Sisaali at the university.

8. Help expand the frontiers of knowledge in the study of Sisaali. Prospective students of Sisaali have a rare opportunity of expanding the frontiers of knowledge in the study of Sisaali language. The graduates of Sisaali would have the opportunity to research and write copiously about the Sisaali language, Sissala traditions, religion and history. What will be exciting about the first decade of Sisaali graduates is that even their errors in research and academic writings will become the subject matter for academic debates, articles, books, peer reviews, etc. what is more exciting than this?

9. Help to preserve the language and identity of the Sissala people. The language, culture and history of a group of people is best preserved in their own language. The study of Sisaali would enable graduates of the language to preserve the culture and history of the Sissala. This will be done through writing of books, production of films, animations, drama, research, etc.

10. Assist Sissala children to express their right to learn in school using their mother tongue. The current language policy in schools gives children in any Ghanaian community the opportunity to learn at the lower primary school level, using their mother tongue as the language of instruction. However, in many instances, many children are denied this right or opportunity because their teachers are not sufficiently equipped with language proficiency skills in Sisaali. Students of Sisaali upon graduation can change the status quo.

11. Boost your confidence in spoken Sisaali. Many Sissala youth are deficient in spoken Sisaali. This deficiency affects their confidence to communicate effectively with their peers and more especially their illiterate parents, brothers and sisters in Sissala communities. The study of Sisaali will equip you with the requisite language proficiency skills to boost your confidence in spoken Sisaali.

12. Become a major stake-holder in the formulation and implementation of language policies in Ghanaian schools. From time to time, the government of Ghana reviews the language policy for schools in Ghana. During these reviews, various stake-holders are consulted to fashion pragmatic language policies for all the key language groupings in Ghana. The acquisition of relevant language proficiency skills and certification in Sisaali would afford graduates of Sisaali language a place at ‘language policy round table’ to contribute towards Ghana’s education language policy discourse and implementation.

13. Get the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of the Sissala people. The culture and history of every group of people is wrapped in their language. The Sisaali language has the most direct connection to Sissala culture and history. A study of Sisaali would expose you to the traditions, religion, arts and history of the Sissala.

14. Provide expert opinion on Sisaali language and culture. The acquisition of language proficiency skills would equip you with the competencies to provide expert opinion on issues related to Sisaali and Sissala culture. If you want to be widely consulted in matters related to Sissala culture, then, go study Sisaali.

15. Help to preserve global linguistic diversity. There is a world-wide cry for the need to preserve linguistic diversity in the world. Students and academics in languages have an important role to play in performing this sacred duty of preserving the diverse languages that we have. Students of Sisaali will be contributing significantly in this endeavour. Be part of this preservation exercise in a financially rewarding manner.

NB: Most of these opportunities didn’t exist in the past because Sisaali was not studied at the tertiary level in Ghana.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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