Residents of Kogri plead for Support as River divides Village into two

Kogri Bridge in a Deplorable State

Kogri is a farming community under the Ullo Paramountcy in the Jirapa Municipality. It has a population of about 9000 people. The river as shown below divides the Kogri community into two. Whenever it rains, residents especially students are unable to cross the bridge to attend school. Farmers who also have their farms on the other side of the river are unable to get to farm.

This is the situation in which the people of Kogri have found themselves. This makeshift bridge is intended to salvage the situation, but its highly dangerous to use now that the rains are pouring day in day out.’s interaction with the Assembly member for the area Hon. Tamiimu Issah indicates the situation has been like this for some time now.

The Assembly member therefore calls on all stakeholders within the Jirapa Municipality to come to the aid of the people of Kogri by getting this bridge fixed within the shortest possible time.


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