Jirapa MP Moves to Assess Broken Bridge at Kogri

Kogri Bridge in Jirapa Municipality

The Honourable Member Of Parliament for Jirapa, Cletus Seidu Dapilah on Sunday, 8th August 2021 visited the broken bridge at Kogri in the Ullo Electoral Area in Jirapa.

According the promising Member of Parliament, he wanted to have a first hand sight of the situation and see the best remediatory steps to take to solve or manage the plight of the people, especially those in Kogri.

The MP after accessing the nature of the situation pledged to take steps to have the bridge constructed to avoid any unfortunate incident as a result of crossing the broken bridge.

According to the Assembly Member for the Area, the Sibaa broken bridge has been a major challenge for the people in his Electoral Area since 2017.

“The bridge was washed away in 2017 and i informed our assembly and many steps taken yet no results. I have made strong cases at the committee level, general assembly and several other platforms for the bridge to be constructed to save lives” Honourable Tamimu Issah

The broken bridge divides Kogri into two sections during the raining seasons. Except those who are bold and ready to risk their lives, members at one side cannot access the other side during the raining season.

Source: Sir-Dicey Dakurah

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