Our Fertilizer isn’t Government Fertilizer Stop Worrying Us – Drivers at GHACEM Depot

Fertilizer in Long Trucks at Wa

Some Drivers of Long Vehicles Carrying over 5, 000 Bags of Subsidized fertilizer in a section of Wa have explained that the fertilizer they are carrying are not subsidized fertilizer from the government contrary to speculations in Wa Township.

They spoke to Info Radio after some residents of Wa visited them at the GHACEM Depot of Wa demanding to know when they will have access to them.

A Driver-Mate by name Peter Stated that the Government’s subsidized fertilizer is usually packed in 25kg sacks and not 50kg sacks, he added that the fertilizer they are carrying are for some conglomerates seeking to make fertilizer accessible to farmers for farming to be easy.

He added that the vehicles will soon move to their various destinations including Gwollu in the Sissala West District.

Another Driver explained that a bag of 50kg fertilizer costs not less than Ghc250 in Accra, the driver explained that government’s subsidized fertilizer will be hard to come by because even in Accra one cannot have access to it.

Source: Info Radio

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