Let the ‘Do Or Die’ Manifest in Upper West – NDC’s National Youth Organizer

NDC’s National Youth Organizer with some Party Faithfuls in Wa

The National Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Mr. George Opare Addo has ended his three days tour in the Upper West Region. The Youth Organizer met with several party Regional Executives and Constituency Youth Organizers in a close door meeting where the Youth Organizer used the Avenue to urge all party faithfuls to use the Do or Die Approach in addressing issues with regards to the impending elections and matters concerning it in 2024. The Youth Organizer also used to Opportunity to extend his greetings to some Party faithfuls who have tied the knot including Osman Salim in Wa.

“Fulfilling day as we met the Youth Wing of Upper West Region in Wa earlier today. I charged the CYOs to focus on revamping the various branches in their constituencies and adopt the #DoorDie2024 spirit in earnest.

I also used the occasion to meet a number of Tertiary Education Institute Network TEIN Patrons in the region; highlighting how patrons can contribute to the Youth Wing’s vision for TEIN in the region. Youth Power GreenArmy”.

The Term Do or Die as Used by the President in his recent Speech has generated several reactions from Ghanaians with some tagging his speech as violent and life threatening.

The Former President, John Dramani Mahama however explained that the Statement was referring to the Approach at which the NDC was planning to man polling stations in order for rigging not to take place. He added that elections are won at polling stations and not in court.

The NDC has won 8 Seats in the Upper West region during the 2020 elections whilst the NPP Won three.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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