Lambussie: Residents Hold Demonstration Over Errors on GPS, Roads

Demonstration held in Lambussie

Residents of Lambussie District in the Upper West Region have held a demonstration in The Capital of the District to express displeasure with Some Developments within the District on 10th December 2021. According a Journalist by Name Bamie Tahiru Ahmed who was Present at the Scene,  he explained the development as follows:

“The youth of Lambussie District are embarking on a peaceful demonstration to show their displeasure over a number of issues hampering the development of the District. Paramount among the concerns of the protestors is the GPS Digital Address errors committed in the Ghana Post digital address database which captured part of Lambussie, the district capital and thirteen electoral areas across the district as part of the Nandom Municipality.

The youth believes the capturing of some communities in the Lambussie District into the digital base of Nandom was what enabled them to get a municipality status. The demonstrators say the Lambussie District has been neglected for so long. They say Lambussie District is the only district capital without a kilometer of tarred road. The agitating youth are pointing accusing fingers at their neighbors over the encroachment of their lands.”

Source: Bamie Tahir-Ahmed

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