Nadowli-Kaleo: Residents of Guree Concerned over Lack of Public Toilet in Community

Nadowli-Kaleo DCE, Miss. Katherine Lankono

Residents of Guree community in the Sombo East Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have expressed concerns about the lack of a public toilet in the community.

They said the availability of a public toilet at

the community would help serve the emergency needs of visitors and travelers passing through the community as well some residents at the community who cannot afford to construct latrines in their homes.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, the residents appealed the government, Nadowli-Kaleo District Assembly, and benevolent organizations to come to their aid by providing them with public toilet facility.

Mr. Yaw Kyebambo said that the lack of public toilet in their community is really a major challenge to them.

Mr. Majeed Salifu, another resident of the community, observed that the unavailability of public toilet in the community has led most of the people in Guree community to practice open defecation as they cannot afford to construct latrines in the houses.

The chief of Guree community, Naah Alphonsus Siibu stressed the need for the public toilet facility in their community.

Meanwhile, the government of Ghana is advocating the need for every household to own a latrine rather than depending on government for public toilets as the management of public toilets is usually a challenge.

Source: Andrews Aweeh

UW: Check out How Much Each Stakeholder Contributed to Buy the Ambulance

Speaker of Parliament Handing over the Ambulance

On the 29th of September 2022, the Speaker of Parliament handed over a citizens funded Ambulance to the Upper West Regional Hospital.

The Cost of it was disclosed to be Ghc155,000.


1. The Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament contributed more than his physical presence at the handover ceremony. The Rt. Hon. Speaker contributed Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghs50,000.00) to the project.

2. According to the leader of the Upper West Ambulance project, Hajia Hadija Erasung, the Ghc50,000 was spent on the following cost components of the ambulance project: Oxygen cylinder set and installations with oxygen flow, BP monitor, Cervical Collar, Oximeter, Nasal prongs, Arm sling, Head immobilizer, Spine board with fasteners, Patients stretchers, Half, Drope and Ambu bag. Some other fixtures sponsored by the Ghc50,000 in the Ambulance include: Plastic Sharp containers, Gauze Sponge, Peha-haft bondage, Thermometer gun, Cutisoft, First aid box(stocked), Tourniquet, Additional Cylinder and Flowmetre, Humidifier. The rest are: Brand new tyres, Servicing, Air condition installation, Fuel and T&T for Driver to Wa.

3. It is worthy of note that Mr. Speaker was not the organizer of the Ambulance for Upper West Hand-Over Ceremony. He attended the programme as the Guest of Honour. He was invited by the organizers to assist in gracing this important occasion, which he accepted in good faith because, among other things, he deemed it as service for the development of the region and Mother Ghana at large.

4. As such, apart from the Staff of his Secretariat, all other personalities and individuals who accompanied the Rt. Hon. Speaker to the function did so out of the genuine love and great respect they have for him and not because he gave them any special invitations.

5. It is the fervent hope and prayer of the Rt. Hon. Speaker that the ambulance is put to its intended use. He further hopes that the good people of the Upper West Region will continue to contribute their best in executing such projects for the growth and development of the region.


UW: Former Wa East MP, Upper West Minister Passes on

Former Wa East MP Passes On, Mr. Issahaku Salia

A former Member of Parliament for Wa East Constituency, Mr. Issahaku Salia has passed on. His demise was reported earlier today 4th October 2022.
He served as Upper West Regional Minister before his Demise.

Issahaku Salia is a Ghanaian politician and administrator. He served as a member of parliament for the Wa East constituency in the Upper West from 7 January 1993 to 6 January 2005. He also once served as the Upper West Regional Minister.

He took over from Sakara Adam Badoun and was succeeded by Godfrey Tangu Bayon a former Member of Parliament for Wa East Constituency.

He was born on the 15 June 1952
Manwe, Upper West Region.


He obtained his secondary Education at Navrongo Senior High School in the Upper East Region, He attended the Green Hill University (now Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)), where he obtained his Diploma in Public Administration, and the University of Ghana where he obtained his bachelor of Science degree Political Science.

Political Career

He was a member of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd parliaments of the 4th republic of Ghana.

1992 election

He was first elected into Parliament on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress to represent the Wa East Constituency in the Upper West Region of Ghana during the 1992 Ghanaian parliamentary election. He assumed office as a member of the first parliament of the fourth republic of Ghana on 7 January 1993.

1996 election

He became a member of the 2nd parliament on 7 January 1997 after he was pronounced winner at the 1996 Ghanaian general election having defeated Boyela Insah of the New Patriotic Party. He obtained 56.70% of the total votes cast which is equivalent to 22,078 votes while his opposition claimed 16.60% which is equivalent to 6,445 votes.

2000 elections

He was elected into parliament of the ticket of the National Democratic congress during the 2000 Ghanaian General Election representing the Wa East constituency in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

He polled 14,278 votes out of 25,795 votes cast representing 55.40% He was defeated by Bayon Godfrey Tangu,a New Patriotic Party member during the 2004 General Elections.

He was introduced by the vice president on 1 August 2010 to the chiefs and people of the Region as the Upper West Regional minister.


Wa: Night Watchmen Are More Vulnerable to Ritual Killings; Research Findings Reveal

Youth Parliament

The Upper West Regional Youth revealed in a press conference that night security men popularly known as watchmen are more vulnerable to alleged ritual killings in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.

This view was contained in a research findings conducted by the Upper West Regional Youth Parliament on; Private security accountability in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region’’
The study was centered on the following objectives; identify businesses or organizations that engage the services of Private Security; to examine the mode of recruitment of private security personnel; to examine training, logistics and enumeration of Private security personnel’s; and to examine the functionality of streetlights for night visibility and crime prevention.

The target population of the study was private security personnel (Watchmen) who guard businesses including schools, private residences and retail and wholesale shops. Private security personnel constitutes the target population because of the alleged ritual killings in the Wa Municipality of which the majority of the victims are night watchmen, thereby raising an alert of private security personnel becoming vulnerable to kidnapping and alleged ritual killings.

Our sample size calculated resulted in 50 respondents comprising security personnel from private residences, schools, wholesale shops, and supermarkets and so on. The study adopted a field survey to gather data.

The study report exposed the vulnerability context of private security in the region including inadequate logistics, lack of or inadequate training and poor enumerations. On the security of the Wa Municipality regarding streetlights installations, the study revealed that majority of the streets in the Municipality have streetlights not functioning or partiality functioning; this affect night visibility.

The report further hinted that majority of the businesses are not even conscious of modern security installations (not installing CCTV Cameras) thereby compromising visibility within the business environment.
The evidence from the study indicates that the majority of people who are recruited into private security are older men as 82% of Watchmen are aged between 50 years and above. Other findings revealed that 80% of private security personnel have not received formal education.

Regarding training, logistical support and remuneration of private security personnel, the study revealed that the overwhelming majority has not received training and logistics support limited to the provision of flashlights and sometimes working gear (uniform), while they receive peanuts as salary.

The study further uncovered that majority of the streetlights installations are either not functioning or partially functioning. These could best explained in the recent times of ritual killings which majority of the victims who are believed to be murdered for ritual purposes are night watchmen.

The study advanced some key recommendation to help address the emerging concerns. These are;
The Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC) should admonish all businesses including private schools and residential apartments to improve upon their lighting systems.

The Wa Municipal Assembly should demonstrate quality leadership to ensure all parts of the Municipality have sufficient and functional streetlights. The Upper West Regional youth parliament further questioned government for not providing the Wa Municipality with the 3% share of the streetlight levy.

There is a need to regularize private security operations in the Wa Municipality as we call for a ban on the practices of businesses or facilities engaging the aged as watchmen. The department of community development and social welfare should identify these aged as private security personnel and enroll in LEAP Programmes for them to be laid off.

The study also recommends the need for the Government of Ghana (GoG) and MUSEC to as a matter of urgency disbands the informal engagement of older men as private security personnel as they remain vulnerable targets to ritual killings.

Filed by
Tahiru Lukman
Author & Youth Activist
Tel: +233 (0) 209154057 / + 233 (0) 551018778

Wa Killings: Another Suspect Apprehended While Attempting To Flee The Country

The Suspect was Arrested

In connection with the recent killings, the police have arrested yet another suspect

The suspect, whose identity has yet to be revealed by the police, had been declared wanted.

According to the details available, the suspect was apprehended at the Hamile border while fleeing the country to avoid arrest.

He is currently in police custody and assisting with the investigation.

He was arrested on Monday, October 3, 2022.

As of September 28, 2022, the Police had apprehended 18 suspects in connection with the murders of several private security guards.

The Wa circuit court granted bail to eight of the suspects.

The remaining ten were remanded in police custody pending the completion of further investigations into the killings.

Source: Rainbow Radio

UW: I stopped Propaganda in 2016 – Presiding Member of Wa Municipal Assembly

Mr. Karim Topie, Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area

The Current Presiding Member of Wa Municipal Assembly who.doubles as Assembly Member for Nakore-Chansa Electoral Area, Hon. Karim Topie has declared his stance on propaganda and lies in politics.

In an interview with Nuhu Sualah on Sungmaaale FM’s personality profile, Yesterday, 3rd October 2022 , Mr. Topie Indicated that he stopped propaganda in 2016 after series of thoughts.

“I love politics but the only issue I have with politics is the fact that lies have taken over, one problem I have is the fact that people believe one must lie in politics, since I have been with the Wa Municipal Assembly, on 1 January 2016, I went to the Assembly’s Finance Office to me a Finance Officer only known as Emma, we had an interaction, I made a new year resolution by then pledging that from then I won’t want to ever engage in lies or deceit. The Account Officer was amazed and quizzed of I quited politics, I was inquisitive to know why he attributed politics to lies but he was of the opinion that people can’t engage in politics without lies”.

Propaganda is a Communication strategy used in luring people into nursing a concept you intend to put in place as a bait to win political power, a concept that may not be realised in the future.



Jirapa: Students of St. Francis SHS Condemn Food Served Them, Ridicule Free SHS System

St. Francis Girls SHS

Some students of St. Francis Girls SHS in the Jirapa Municipality have gone all out to express their disastisfsction with food served them at their school, some students tagged the food as poorly prepared.

In a TikTok post they shared it on, they used emoji’s to make mockery of the food and that the situation they found themselves with tags like ‘free shs ampa’.

The video was shared by Tiktok user @reeddespite and lasted for 34 seconds.

Three girls were in the video with a boy capturing the information to prove their level of dissatisfaction with the system. Rice was wrapped in a black polythene bag and opened to a camera, according to the students, the food in the polythene should be rice but due to how poorly prepared the food was, it became rice balls.

Background Voices

“Lunch, Lunch, Lunch ooo, Yawu, Yawuoo,
Today is better,each student, half laddle, 11 People,half laddle each.
Second party: Ahh! Is it rice balls?
Students: no,it’s rice, rice with yellow source”.
Head of the School and the District Director are yet to respond to the development.

Several people have tagged the students as brave and confident urging more students to reveal instances where they feel unsafe.

The Free SHS System was introduced in 2017 by the Akufo-Addo led administration to provide an avenue for more students leaving the Junior High School level to be Able to enroll for shs without the need to pay fees.

Management of Senior High schools have been cautioned by the Education Ministry not to charge fees or take money in any form from Students.

Meanwhile in 2021, some students of Kaleo Senior High Technical School were suspended over agitations in similar regard.


Wa: Sympathizers of Alan Kyeremateng Held Birthday Party in his Memory

Birthday in Memory of Mr. Alan Kyerematen

Some Sympathizers of Current Trade Minister and Flagbearer Hopeful of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng have organized a distant birthday party to eulogize their candidate born October 3, 1955.


Special Ladies (ASL) in the upper west region marked the birthday of our incoming president honorable Alan kwadwo kyerematen. It was led by Aisha Mohammed. The occasion was chair by Hon Mujeeb Rhaman, for Wa central constituency Secretary and National communication team member of the NPP.

Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen is a Ghanaian politician who serves as Minister for Trade and Industry in Ghana, a position he has held since 2017.

Kyerematen was Ambassador of Ghana to the United States and later Minister of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Development (PSD) and the Presidential Special Initiatives (PSI), under the President Kufuor-led NPP government. Kyerematen served as a trade advisor at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he coordinated the African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC).


Wa: Sachet Water Prices, Some Retailers Selling at ₵0.30, ₵0.40 as New Prices Set Inn

Sachet Water Producers of Upper West

New Sachet Water Prices took effect from 1st October after an official media engagement was held to declare the prices.

Secretary to sachet water Producers association, Mr. Wiyor Abass indicated that the increase in price is as a result of increase in cost of production and raw materials.

Some Producers have begun selling a bag at ₵7 away from previous price of Ghc4, this means one can no longer buy 2 Sachets for ₵0.50 in Wa.

Some retailers have begun selling a sachet for ₵0.40 whilst others have opted for ₵0.50.

In February 2022, price of a sachet went up from ₵0.20 to ₵0.30, some traders and customers opposed the new prices as at then, a bag was sold at Ghc5 in February but dropped to ₵4 in April.


Selling at ₵0.40, Bag ₵7, 30 Sachets .
This means a total sale of ₵12 with a profit of ₵5.

Selling at ₵0.50, Bag ₵7, 30 Sachets
This means a total sale of ₵15 with profit of ₵8.

Sachet Water

Some Stakeholders have suggested that producers can produce 35 sachets for a bag instead of The Usual 30 in order to speed up and revive sales.


UW: We are Picking Feeds on Ritual Killings in Wa – RCC

Members of RCC, Upper West Region

The Upper West Regional Minister says the security agencies in the region are not leaving any stone unturned in their bid to arrest the perpetrators of suspected ritual murders in the Wa municipality.

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih said they are closing in on the prime suspects, adding that they will soon be arrested and made to face justice.

Speaking at the 45th-anniversary launch of the T.I.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Basic School in Wa over the weekend, Dr Bin Salih stated that all necessary actions would be taken to bring the culprits to book.

Currently, 18 suspects have been arrested.

“In spite of the recent happenings in the Municipality [and] the unfortunate situation that occurred, the security agencies are on top of the issues.

Believe me, sooner than later we would catch the perpetrators of this act.

“We are picking feed… once we are satisfied with what we have gathered, the needed action shall be taken,” he stressed.

The Upper West Region has recorded numerous cases of violence, robbery and mob action, among others.

This worrying trend has raised concerns among many residents and non-residents alike.

Following these circumstances, the Regional Security Council announced new strategies and measures to help deal with the situation.

It said the number of murder cases and the disappearance of people have put it on high alert to engage stakeholders over how to end it as soon as possible.

“While investigations on these worrying incidents are ongoing, the Upper West Regional Security Council has authorised increased cooperation and collaboration among the intelligence agencies and seeks to deepen engagement with inhabitants within the municipality in line with contemporary security practices.

3 persons arrested for murder in Upper West Region

“Hence, we are calling on all people to be more observant and vigilant and to draw the attention of the police, other security agencies and local community leaders immediate they observe anything out of the ordinary,” the statement signed by the Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Salih, directed.

Disincentive for investors

A security analyst, Adib Saani, has warned that the recent insecurity situation in the Upper West region of Ghana could be a disincentive for investors who may be interested in investing in the region.

The expert has, therefore, cautioned government to take immediate measures to ensure that there is lasting peace, security and stability in the Upper West Region.

Security analyst, Adib Saani

He noted that major players in the mining industry, in particular, who have already invested heavily in the region, as well as those who may be planning to invest in the region, may be discouraged if the situation persists.

“Government intervention is much required now to resolve this issue,” he said.