U/W: Start right, feed right campaign launched in Upper West

Acting Upper West Regional Director of Health, Dr. Damian Punguyire

The Upper West Regional Health Directorate has launched a campaign, dubbed “start right, feed right” which is to generate and sustain interest in appropriate infant and young child feeding for the first two years of their lives.

Through the campaign, caregivers, parents and relevant stakeholders sensitized to the need for them to prioritise infant and child feeding for the appropriate period. Addressing participants at the launch of the campaign in Wa on Wednesday, the Upper West Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Damien Punguyire said the success of the campaign will help improve the health and growth of children under five years.

He explained that when newborn babies are introduced to breastfeeding with the first one hour of birth, it protects them from infectious diseases as well as help reduce newborn mortality.

Dr Punguyire noted that children who were properly breastfed developed well, both physically and mentally, which is evident in their academic performance. He said longer breastfeeding also improved the wellbeing of mothers.

The Deputy Director of health noted that early initiation of breastfeeding has helped improve the performance of the region in terms of infant and child development.

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Director, Mr Gilbert Nuuri-Teng noted that the region has chalked successes in reducing infant mortality and child development challenges such as stunting and malnutrition. He however said there is the need for concerted efforts to improve on the gains made.

Queen mothers, chiefs, representatives from the clergy, government agency and departments as well as stakeholders in the health sector attended the launch.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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