Darkness in the Chest of Wa Municipality [Opinion]

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Per the state of streets within the capital of the Region, Wa, Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin should be more proactive in this regard.

Our Elders taught us that a wise child is not spoken to in plain words but in proverbs so therefore I begin this piece with a proverb from a book titled ‘ ANCESTRAL SACRIFICE’ written by Kaakyire Akosomo Nyantakyi in the words of one of it’s main characters namely ‘ Awo Yaa Akoto’ who said ” If you are in the same height with your father does not make him your age mate” I draw a lot of inspiration from this quotation.

Am I the only one who is saddened by poor street lightening in the wa municipality? Street lightening is a security and development issue which requires urgency in solving issues of poor lightening. However, Major principal streets and it’s enclaves are mostly dark at night which has the tendency in threatening the lives and property of the people. I am saddened and I know many other people are saddened too.

Wa Municipal

If proper checks is not put in place to correct this menace, we have to blame ourselves for the alarming growth of juvenile delinquency, Armed robbery, pick pocketing among others. However, who is responsible for this ? Are our leaders to be blamed for this? Good Afternoon Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, I wish to applaud your efforts in leading the mobilization and joining of faith bodies in raising funds for a particular course which was successfully executed with admiration and reported on joy news.

However, it becomes a misplaced priority when the lives of the general populace you serve are in danger due to poor street lightening at night without making conscious efforts in correcting this menace.

Many of the functions that your attended and those yet to be attended on development discourses, the development projects that you’ve embarked on and those still in progress are all or will be an exercise in futility if you do not hasten to maintain proper and adequate street lightening in the municipality. This is because the dark street of the municipality at night is a viable environment for the propagation of all kinds of deviant behaviors which has the tendency in threatening the peace of the municipality.

Our development efforts is inseparable from a peaceful environment. Peace is the freedom from disturbance which every individual or a nation needs for development.

Along the LIMAN SALIAH STREET and WASEC road as classical examples of the many, have had poor street lightening for sometime now but nothing has been done to correct it.


if you are a leader and nobody can look into your face and tell you the truth then you are doomed but I know you are a very accommodating and principled person with a high sense of dignity which I admire you from afar.

I singled you out with this not because you are the only person in leadership but because you are the commander in chief of the region.

I know your right hand man who is my good friend Musah Bipuah and others will convey my message to you. I am not speaking from my own accord but the will and voice of the people you are serving.

I know the year is coming to end with bare 26 days to go and I wish if you could kindly make proper and adequate street lightening in the municipality as an emergency component of your development plan and that of the municipality and the region as a whole ahead of the new year.

I will conclude here with a proverb once again in a book by OLA ROTIMI titled ‘ the gods are not to be blame’ which state that ” Trees does not swing this way or that way unless there is wind’ and the analogy here is that I do not just put these words together for you but because the content is a development issue and a threat to our peace in the municipality.

A child of wisdom speaking to an elderly man in a high rank is not a sign of disrespect but a blessing from God to both.

Source: Adel Elyasu

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